6-time MVP Abhinav Gupta joins Indian Dreamin Speaker Lineup

Next up for the speaker lineup is none other than 6-time Salesforce MVP and co-organizer of Jaipur Developer Fest – Abhinav Gupta! We are proud to announce him as our speaker for the event. Abhinav is a Salesforce Architect and founder at Concretio, an open source enthusiast, a blogger and what not! He is also a regular speaker at Salesforce User Groups and at Dreamforce and hence is not a new face. He also authored a book for Force.com tips and is known to be an expert with  Force.com integrations and advanced Apex.

A huge believer in team building and values, he frequently shares his knowledge with the community through blogs, sessions and any other way possible. We take pride in welcoming Abhinav to our speaker lineup!

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