5x MVP Francis Pindar joins the Star-Studded Speaker Lineup

The next announcement is going to be an interesting one.We are more than excited to introduce to you an MVP who is known for his work in and also outside the Salesforce world! If you’re a Harry Potter fan, then you would want to meet him in person for he has been part of this legendary series. For the ones who still have no clue, it’s none other than Francis Pindar!!

Francis is a 5x Salesforce MVP and is the co-founder of A Force Guru  which provides online Salesforce training.  He is an expert who has been part of the Salesforce world for the past 10 years and has been specializing in Salesforce and AWS technologies. He aims to teach people about everything Salesforce including all the best practices in a fun way!

He is a  regular speaker at tech events in the UK and around the world. He is also an annual speaker at Salesforce’s biggest event Dreamforce in San Francisco and WorldTour events around Europe. He has also spoken at different Dreamin’ events.

He has co-authored the Apex of 10 Commandments and  co-leads the London Salesforce Developer and Admin User Group.

That’s not all! He is also known for his theatre talent and has been part of many movies and theatre plays and was nominated for BAFTA in 2011! Check out his video blog and you’ll get to see just how he said yes to India Dreamin!

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