“Force Guru” Ankit Arora joins as Speaker for India Dreamin

Our next Speaker  is well known through the name “Force Guru”. To all those wondering who that is, guess no more, for it is none other than Force.com MVP Ankit Arora!! Passionate about Force.com, Ankit has been a huge contributor to the Salesforce Community through his blogs and various other channels. He leads the Salesforce Platform Developer Users Group in Jaipur and has been involved in architecting, building and implementing Force.com solutions for on-premise and AppExchange applications.

Director at Briskminds, he is also a PDO Partner with Salesforce who shares his knowledge and experiences with the community  by providing solutions to developer queries. He has also contributed to the online Force.com Cookbook through numerous cookbook recipes which shows that to him it is all about the community.

He makes it more interesting with his huge liking for video games where he’s a national level player in the online Counter Strike competition.

So, who else is excited to meet this champ? We sure are!

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