India Dreamin’ begins its Journey from GLBITM

When the idea of India Dreamin’ began to take shape, the first question on every dreamer’s mind was the venue for our inaugural event. During all brainstorming sessions, the main aim was to select a venue that would have a good impact on the event and the community. What better choice than the magnificent G L Bajaj Institute of Technology and Management. With a lot of amazing factors determining the decision, the primary one was the venue’s sync with innovation and technology.

  • G L Bajaj Institute of Technology and Management is the first college in Northern India that has adopted Salesforce based meetup groups.
  • It has been the venue for workshops with the Indian Salesforce Developer Relations team.
  • Salesforce Noida Developer Group conducted two successful meetups here with lots of support.
  • GLBITM holds the position of being among the top-ranked private institutes in the entire state.
  • They have already hosted one of the grandest events by Microsoft, with Microsoft having their own “Innovation Centre” here.

And we cannot ignore the fact that our co-organizer Vinay Chaturvedi is an alumnus of GLBITM and will be a great guide around the huge campus!

Additional Venue Highlights

  • Plenty of space for navigation, with in-house security, large number of highly configured computer-labs and an Apple Special Classroom
  • Huge auditoriums with a capacity to hold a 600+ gathering individually.
  • Open-auditorium that can accommodate a 1000+ gathering
  • Fully supportive staff and management
  • Large space for sponsor booths with special cabins and conference halls

All these features made us realize that this is the one! We’re excited to organize this event as much as you all are to attend. So we hope to see you all there!

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