Announcing our Hand-on-Training Sponsors – The Welkin Suite

Here’s our next announcement! We’re excited to say that we have The Welkin Suite as sponsors for “Hands on Training” sessions! A huge thanks to them for supporting the event with their contribution.

Founded in the year 2014, Welkin Suite is a new generation IDE for Windows and Mac OS that saves a Salesforce developer a lot of time and increase their efficiency. The CEO, Rustam Nurgudin, is a true trailblazer in software development and is coming into the Salesforce world with his brilliant works.The Welkin Suite’s team is highly focused on empowering Salesforce developers and Administrators to be highly productive by offering them a single tool that takes care of all the challenges faced and making their work easier.

You can check more information at The Welkin Suite’s website

Stay tuned to know more about them!

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