Announcing The Welkin Suite CEO Rustam Nurgudin as India Dreamin Speaker

We are thrilled to announce the next Star Speaker- Rustam Nurgudin – CEO of The Welkin Suite and CTO of Softheme!

He has 20 years of experience in the IT industry, including 15 years of knowledge in guiding software development as the CTO at Softheme. His determination to unleash the potential of the Salesforce platform led him to co-found the Salesforce Developer Group in Kyiv and start The Welkin Suite project.

With substantial expertise in delivering cutting-edge software applications, enterprise-level web systems, cloud computing, and large-scale online social networks. He prides himself for being an effective analyst with a proven ability to implement standards and processes that improve business functionality. He loves to take up the role of a leader and motivate individuals to work to their maximum potential.

We’d love to experience this amazing mentor’s session at event! What do you think?

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