Code Robot joins India Dreamin’ as Gold Sponsors

Code Robot is introducing a revolutionary new testing tool and will be bringing their new application (just launched on the AppExchange this month!) directly to us at India Dreamin as a Gold sponsor.

Commenting on this sponsorship, Milo Locherer, CEO of Code Robot said, “Coding in Salesforce can be a challenge. Having spent years doing custom Salesforce integrations myself, I know I’m not alone in wanting easier, faster testing. What if we could generate Apex test code automatically? I’m delighted to let the Salesforce community know that now we can”.

India Dreamin attendees will be able to experience firsthand Code Robot’s ease of use, ability to accelerate productivity and deliver high quality code. Code Robot is a 100% native Salesforce solution that reads existing data and converts it into Apex code and can generate 1000 lines of APEX test code in five minute.

About Code Robot LLC
Established this year, Code Robot has locations in Seattle, WA and Cambridge, MA. Since 2006, the Code Robot team worked in Salesforce consultation, implementation and services.  Code Robot was initially developed as an internal tool to make testing easier, faster and high quality.

Click here to know more about them!

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