Naga Kiran Manyala joins the India Dreamin Star Speaker Lineup

We are pleased to announce another Star Speaker for India Dreamin, Naga Kiran Manyala, Developer Relations Manager at Salesforce. If you’ve been in the Salesforce developer ecosystem in India, you might have had the good fortune of interacting with Naga Kiran at many of our meetup groups.

He has over 6 years for experience in Salesforce domain support and Developer Relations at Salesforce, Dell and HCL. His area of expertise is Apex, Visualforce and Lightning Design System. He feels that an already thriving community can level-up big time with a slight push in the right direction. Naga Kiran empowers students and SI’s with Trailhead, working with this thriving Indian community to make it the one of most powerful ecosystems!

Mark his session into your list on September 30th without fail.

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