Announcing Salesforce MVP Joshua Hoskins as India Dreamin’18 Speaker

Our next speaker is an MVP who is more like one of us! Is none other than Joshua Hoskins! He’s not only a speaker; but, he’s also a co dreamer for the event. And guess who is going to be MC for the App Demo Jam? Yes, it’s Joshua.WOW, too many cool roles for the event!

A Salesforce evangelist and globetrotter having lived in Europe, Asia, and the US. Joshua hosted the first Orlando, FL’s first community-led event in 2010 and later launched MVP Office Hours, a live forum for the community to meet with Salesforce MVPs virtually for live Q&A.

Joshua is passionate about helping organizations leverage technology to solve real problems while ensuring successful execution and delivery of high-value products and a master at guiding globally distributed multicultural teams gain maximum returns.

We proudly welcome Joshua to India Dreamin. Get ready to enjoy your demo ride!!!

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