We are proud to announce Ritesh Aswaney as our next Star Speaker

Ritesh is Director with Advisory Services in Salesforce UK, and help some of their largest and most complex customers become more successful in their enterprise-wide digital transformation projects.

He is a Certified Technical Architect, and also runs the Internal Architect Academy in EMEA. He started dabbling in Salesforce back in 2008, when it was relatively new in the UK, having started with a background in Java. Apex being Java-like in Syntax helped and the promise of a platform in the Cloud seemed like a great idea, and he has continued working with the technology ever since.

Having worked for an SI, and an end customer, the next logical progression was working for the ‘mothership’, and he joined Salesforce in 2013, and today he can’t imagine working anywhere else. He says “ Salesforce is an incredible company fostering innovation and the best and brightest ideas, to help our customers succeed with their business objectives”.

He enjoys being part of the Ohana and attending Community events, and connecting with partners, customers and colleagues. We are excited to have him as a star speaker at India Dreamin’18.

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