Cloud Galacticos becomes Brochure Sponsors for India Dreamin’18

Introducing Cloud Galacticos, our next sponsor for the event! Most events have brochures and handouts, but for India Dreamin’ we wanted to do something different! Brochures are an important, creative part in marketing an event but they should also be informative and be something worth keeping for future reference.

Cloud Galacticos is celebrating 10 years in the Salesforce eco-system. Led by 5 times MVP Phil Walton, and with a highly experienced team of consultants, developers, and business analysts, they can bring your Salesforce® dreams to reality.

Who are the Galacticos? Commonly used in sports to refer to a team of world class superstars, they saw similarities in their ‘signing policy’ as they employ only the best in the Salesforce ecosystem. Their team are experienced, active in the community (MVPs, User/Dev group leaders, bloggers, etc), Salesforce certified, and advocates of Trailhead. No prima donna’s in this Galacticos squad!

So how can they help you?

Consultancy – They have completed hundreds of implementations in dozens of industries. You can use their experience to recommend best designs for your business and processes.
Code – They have a great Development team to design and implement new requirements, or update your current code.
Migration- They love data and take the headache away from you. They can cleanse, segregate, and migrate your data from your legacy Org (or spreadsheets!) into Salesforce®.
Configuration – Clicks not code is always their priority! Let their advanced administrators show you the power of Salesforce®. They can also show you hybrid methods of mixing clicks and code so you can manage metadata in your business rather than updating code each time.
Support – Use their team as your team, and let them help you keep your Salesforce Org free of errors, and full of new features.

Contact them today to discuss how they can help you!

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