Give Back to the Community at India Dreamin 18

Let’s give-away our hearts to #Nonprofits at #Indiadreamin18! We present opportunities to individuals and companies from the Indian Salesforce community to be a part of change and give back.

Join Hands with Smile Train India

We are thrilled to have Smile Train India as an integral part of this grand event. Smile Train India is an international children’s charity that supports 100%-free cleft repair surgery and comprehensive cleft care for children globally. Their sustainable model empowers local medical professionals to provide cleft care in their own communities. Smile Train has provided more than 500,000 free cleft surgeries across India. That’s more than half a million patients who now have opportunities to eat, breathe, hear, and speak properly. India Dreamin is proud to partner with Smile Train India and use the event platform to give back towards this cause.

Any individuals wishing to donate towards Smile Train can do so via online transfer. Businesses can also donate to the organization at India Dreamin. If you are a corporate, all you need to do is drop a cheque at the Smile Train booth at the venue on the event day.

Donate to a Cause

Not everyone in this world is born with complete prosperity. Not everyone has that privilege to fulfill the basic needs of life. Not everyone gets an opportunity to go to schools, take healthy meals and live a luxurious life. That’s where it becomes our duty to join God’s work and help the weaker sections of society and proudly say “We the humans”.Donating a little money or time may not seem like much. But if your donation is joined with others, it becomes something much bigger and might save some lives and make this world a better place.
At India Dreamin 2018, we have collaborated with some really impactful nonprofit organizations in the region whose representatives will be joining us. We are setting up a platform for all our attendees to donate some in-kind gifts (old clothes / old books ) or money (directly credited to a particular organization’s account) that can really help someone in need. You can visit the “Nonprofit Trailblazer” section at India Dreamin and/or contact our team for more details.

We thank all our partners and community leaders who have helped make this initiative possible.

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