Announcing Peter Coffee as India Dreamin Keynote Speaker

We have another exciting news from India Dreamin’ keynote speaker lineup – the VP of Strategic research at Salesforce Peter Coffee will be joining us through a telekeynote as a speaker.

Peter has been a part of Salesforce for over 10 years now. He has been working with IT stakeholders in the global community to create customer companies through the magic of cloud computing. He’s responsible for managing all interactions with IT managers, software developers and policymakers in the global community of Salesforce to learn more about their requirements and promote broader understanding of the capabilities of cloud computing in creating and building Customer Companies.

His depth of knowledge on the multi-tenant platform(Salesforce) can be compared to the depth of deepest sea, to enlighten and Technically evangelize us with his broader vision of wisdom, Prior to Salesforce, Peter spent eighteen years with IT publications including eWEEK and PC Week while also contributing to journals. He is also the author of the books – How to Program Java and Peter Coffee Teaches PCs.

Thank you for joining us Peter. We look forward to an exciting session.

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