Textible.io joins India Dreamin’18 as Silver Sponsors

Here’s yet another sponsor announcement from India Dreamin 18. We are thrilled to introduce our SILVER Sponsors for IndiaDreamin 18 – Textible.io ! A huge thanks to them for their generous support to the Salesforce community.

Textible.io is a Salesforce.com native SMS/MMS application powered by Twilio® platform. They are headquartered in Texas and have offices in Chicago and NewYork. It is the most cost effective solution which has all major features you get from any other SMS application in quarter of the price. Also because it is powered by Twilio®, it has other features built in like GDPR Compliance, 99.999% deliverability, landline checks and many more features.

So far more than 100 customers are trying their app and are happy with the tool. It is so easy to setup and everything is managed right in the app from checking your balances to buying credits, pulling reports etc.

It is feature rich which works on all standard and custom objects and allows both SMS/MMS to be sent to customers. It has other features like bulk sms, Opt In / Opt out feature, Mass SMS, pre built SMS templates etc. Textible.io has a very strong roadmap of the product and making it ready to work with WhatsApp and other messaging platform.

They are also looking for partners to co-sell with them and benefit straight both from the licenses sold as well as sms credits.

Thank you Textible.io for being a part of India Dreamin with your help and support!

For more details on their success story, visit their website – http://textible.io/

Linkedin – https://www.linkedin.com/company/textible-io/

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