Founders & Mentors

Shiv and Vinay founded India Dreamin in 2017 and achieved great success in conducting the Biggest Dreamin event of India in 2017 and 2018. After running the show successfully twice, they are currently keeping their personal and professional lives in motion.  

For India Dreamin’ 23, Shiv and Vinay are the mentors and would groom the new generation of Dreamers to ensure the legacy of India Dreamin is passed down.
Mitul Patel and team have a vision to present Gujarat on the maps of Salesforce events and was agreed by Founders and them collectively on organising India Dreamin’ 23 in Ahmedabad.

Passing down the legacy of community events requires a combination of documentation, community building, mentorship, and planning. Shiv, Vinay, and the entire ID team have created a system to ensure the knowledge, resources, and connections developed through the event can be sustained and passed on to future generations. 

For future India Dreamins, the community can reach out to the Founders!


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