Why India Dreamin

For everyone who loves and lives Salesforce! A dream that had been kept aside for long, that had always been a huge topic for discussion at every Indian Salesforce Community event, was organized and was successful in every way!

2017 saw the Indian Salesforce community live their biggest dream of attending a global event in our local time zone. This is a community driven event which unites the entire Salesforce community and brings together Salesforce customers, partners, developers, admins, enthusiasts and students in India and abroad under one roof. And we cannot deny it but accept that it was awesome day!

India Dreamin & Reason for bringing it on:

India Dreamin had been the topic of discussion for almost every community meetup and User Group meeting organized in India and for everyone who attends the global events outside India. Dreamin’ events are organized in almost every region across the globe, leveraging the Salesforce community and bringing on the power of community. There are many reasons why the Indian community never get a chance to experience Dreamforce or other global events, being here in India. Finally this was translated into reality for the amazing India Salesforce community.
Congratulations to every member of Indian Salesforce Ohana for being an important part of it and for finally living this dream.

For every soul who loves and lives Salesforce

India Dreamin is a community led, community run event for professionals around Salesforce. This event witnessed all Salesforce users who share a passion for innovation – developers, admins, partners, customers and students around the world. It aimed to bring us all together and give everyone access to the best content available to help educate and provide value for everyone. It was an entire day of inspiring keynotes, speaker sessions, partner and customer success stories, and a great chance to meet your peers from the Salesforce world – all under one roof!

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What Next ?

Stay Tuned and look for updates coming soon !

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