9 Reasons to Get Excited about India Dreamin’

With all the buzz and excitement happening around, you must be aware of the grand event, happening on Sep 30, 2017. Well, if you aren’t then this post should help. India Dreamin is one sure spot to witness the power of Salesforce Community. For all those who aspire to be at Dreamforce but somehow couldn’t so far, here is a chance to experience and live the dream you have waited for a long time.

Below is a sneak peek.

Keynote Speakers

We have 5 awe-inspiring keynote speakers coming up to charge your battery for a long-lasting experience

Charlie Isaacs, VP & CTO for Customer Connection, Salesforce
Erica Kuhl, VP of Community, Salesforce
Holly Firestone, Director of Community, Salesforce
Peter Coffee, VP for Strategic Research, Salesforce
Rajdeep Dua, Director of Developer relations, Salesforce
I am sure these mesmerizing sessions will take your breath away.

Star Speakers

Furthermore, the excitement gets doubled with 17+ star speakers, involving to share their knowledge and experience with us. Every star speaker is a Salesforce champ and has been contributing to the community in their unique way. Getting connected with such extraordinary people would be an opportunity we just can’t miss.

Technical and Non-technical sessions

Apart from the stimulating sessions from the Keynote and Star speakers, we have some brainstorming sessions as well in almost every category you can imagine! Be it admin, dev, non-profit, students, partners, customers, technology evangelists or WIT sessions, you will get an experience of all. Well, I am very excited to present on Lightning Data Service and would love to see you there!

Dev Expo

In my view, innovation and collaboration go hand in hand! Keeping that thought, India Dreamin has come up with a stage for all geeks to showcase their skills and get noticed. All tech geeks are invited to bring on their app that can be a Chrome extension, a Github repo or anything with a taste of Salesforce, and acquire the stage with glory. The last date to register for ‘Call for Dev Expo’ is Sept 13, 2017. Hurry Up!

Demo Jam

“Power resides where men believe it resides. No more and no less.”
App vendors will battle to showcase the power of their application in a span of 3 mins and will be judged by the audience. The session will be hosted by the master Joshua Hoskins in his own rocking MCing way!

WIT Panel Discussion

We all have heard about #EqualPay and #Equality but we rarely know how to work for it.
Get inspired by women in tech leaders who will share their ideas and will also solve your queries.

HoT – Hands on Training by none other than David Liu, Francis Pindar and Fabrice Cathala

The environment will get energized when people will get trained by such dignitaries of the Salesforce community. The tips and tricks shared by them and a glance of their success journey will be among the most awaited moment of the day.


India Dreamin is a golden opportunity for students to learn Salesforce and get exposure to the professional world. Whether it’s about Hands on Training or technical sessions from top professionals, everything will be present for them to start their career with a bang!

Non-Profit tracks

Non-Profit Organizations having worldwide presence will be showcasing their journey of using Salesforce and achieving success.

Charlie Isaacs
Erica Kuhl
Holly Firestone
Peter Coffee
Rajdeep Dua

With such a rich agenda, I wish to be omnipresent in the event. So come and network with people from all over the world, for you don’t know what opportunity is going to knock at your door. Register now at www.indiadreamin.in and get ready to pack your bags with ample amount of knowledge, ideas and of course Awesome Swags!

Let us know about the session you are looking forward to attend, in the comments section below.

Radhika Bansal is a senior technical analyst at Accenture, Salesforce Pune women in tech leader, speaker, coder and blogger.

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