Announcing India Dreamin’18 Keynote Speaker Tony Prophet

The first Keynote announcement of IndiaDreamin’18 will keep you stunned for he is everyone’s inspiration, a superhero in our Trailblazer Community. Let us introduce you to our first Keynote Speaker Tony Prophet, even though he needs no formal introduction!

Tony leads Salesforce’s Equality initiatives, focusing on gender, LGBTQ, and racial issues—ensuring the company reflects diversity and upholds the values of the communities it serves. He reports directly to the CEO and Chairman Marc Benioff. Prophet is a board member of Gannett. He also serves on the board of College Track. Throughout his career, Prophet has worked for social justice including addressing the root causes of migratory worker flows, educating female workers in developing countries on reproductive health issues and reducing supply chain greenhouse gas footprint.

His work has been widely recognized — including by appointment to the National Academy of Sciences Board on Energy and the Environment; in China through the prestigious Three Gorges Award as well as the Magnolia Silver Award; and by the Booz Allen Professional Excellence Award. Also, he is passionate about community service focused on ensuring that low income teens get college education; and improving health care for children and HIV positive women in the San Francisco Bay area.

We are thrilled to have him on the keynote speaker panel and share his inspiring thoughts with the Indian Salesforce community!

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