Announcing India Dreamin’18 Star Speaker – Astro’s Mom

We are privileged to add an amazing speaker for India Dreamin’18. She is well known in the Ohana as Astro’s Mom. Let’s meet the creative force behind Salesforce Trailhead who was also the Salesforce Feb’2017 Woman of the Month – Domenique Sillett. As a founding member of Trailhead, she leads the creative effort of the Trailhead brand and identity.

Domenique Sillett Buxton creates engaging ways to educate, inspire, and foster community. As the Senior Creative Director for Trailhead, she works with internal teams and external agencies to develop creative ideas into websites, marketing promotions, and event experiences. With her passionate team, she helped to bring Trailhead into the world, leading the creation of the Trailhead brand and identity, including the Astro & Friends cast of characters. Thank you for that!

Domenique is the mother (or guardian) of all the Salesforce characters and she often is asked about how it all came to be. We are excited to know the story too at India Dreamin’18.

We are thrilled to have her on the star speaker panel and share her creative and inspiring thoughts with the Indian Salesforce community!

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