René Winkelmeyer joins as Keynote Speaker at India Dreamin’

The Developer Keynote announcement of IndiaDreamin’18 will keep you pumped up as he is everyone’s inspiration, a superhero in our Trailblazer Community. Let us introduce you to our Developer Keynote Speaker René Winkelmeyer!

With a background of nearly 20 years in enterprise software development, René is focusing in his role as Principal Developer Evangelist on inspiring Salesforce developers by crafting demos, writing blog posts (, hosting webinars, and delivering on in-person events. When he’s not wearing a wig while driving Dreamforce or TrailheaDX keynote demos, he’s tinkering with all kinds of integration tech, Lightning, and all the other cool stuff that you can do on and with the Salesforce Platform.

Working with community is near to his heart, as he was on the other side for many years in tech areas. His fuel is the Community. He creates the content for making the community successful by understanding the challenges and needs of Salesforce Developers.

We are thrilled to have him on the Keynote speaker panel. And, he is equally excited to share his inspiring thoughts and his journey with the Indian Salesforce community!

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